On The Mainstreaming of Extremism

written by Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool

High on the Swiss Alps, in the cold and fog, the World for All Foundation and the Carter Center convened clergy and community leaders from countries in Europe and North Africa to discuss a response to islamophobia and extremism. Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool told the gathering:

“The year 2017 is a crucial one for the world. In the wake of Brexit and Trump, and with the prospect of le Pen in France, Wilders in Holland, Alternatif in Germany and similar movements rising globally, we are now explicitly in the Age of Extremisms! Informal, marginalized extremism in the name of Islam that is spawning unspeakable horror is now confronting formal, mainstreamed extremism in the West with an even greater capacity for devastation. It has the capacity to command armies, make anti-human laws, and legalize discrimination because it runs governments. Our task as the middle-ground is even more urgent to confront all extremisms, fight all discrimination and protect all human dignity!”

January 24, 2017

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